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Essentials that will last up to 3+ days in the post-op stage of your journey. Comes with verything in the blue box plus a K.I.T. robe with drain pockets, K.I.T. blanket, travel urine funnel , disposable additional woundcare supplies, ab binder or ab board and light grocery delivery.


  1. Antiseptic skin cleansers 
  2. Sterile gauze pads
  3. Sterile non adherent pads
  4. Chuck pads
  5. Arnica Gel
  6. Floradex
  7. Alcohol wipes
  8. Antibacterial ointments
  9. Stress ball
  10. Compression socks
  11. Medical tape w scissors
  12. Mask

First Aid Gold Box

SKU: 0003
  • This first aid gold box is packed with 72 hours worth of essentials for you. Allows you to be comfortable, clean and healthy in the beginning of your recovery stage.

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