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 I purchased K.I.T.'s postoperative support package with transportation and lymphatic massage sessions. Their services and support were so on point! I had a few postoperative issues and K.I.T. marched in that surgery office as my advocate and straightened everything out. Everything turned out GREAT. Thanks Keep It Tight!

Being picked up post-surgery by Keep It Tight was the best decision that I could've ever made! The liaison came inside to help me get ready for discharge and all of that. I felt so comfortable and safe in The K.I.T. Mobile. The 1 hour ride ended to soon, I just wanted to remain inside the K.I.T. Mobile and sleeeeeeeeep. I appreciate you K.I.T.! Oh, and the pineapple tea was the BOMB!


I'm really speechless at this point! I never heard of or have I ever seen a company such as K.I.T. in my life. They're AMAZING @what they do! They thought about every want and need that you may have on your journey and filled the void and beyond. From the moment that they picked me up from the airport I was impressed. Coming back for my breast augmentation. See you soon K.I.T. and THAAAANK YOOOOU 4 EVERYTHING! 

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